Sunday, January 24, 2010

Izannah Walker Workshop

I just signed up for the Izannah Walker Workshop! If you don't know who Izannah Walker is you can find out by clicking the link on the left.

Izannah made dolls way back in the late 1800's! Her dolls are reminiscent of the folk art children's portraits of the time.

The workshop is due to the effort of Dixie Redmond who has actually gotten to examine them first hand! She has graciously decided to share her knowledge and experience with the rest of the Izannah loving world!

I would love to own an original doll made by Izannah...but I'm not too keen on mortgaging my house to procure one!

To me and many other doll makers out there, her creations are the holy grail of cloth dolls!

My only attempt at making an Izannah-like doll was a tiny one. She remains undressed to this day! LOL

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