Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crows on the loose!

I went out on the porch this morning and what did I find?  The crows had gotten loose from their cage!  I soon found them hanging out in other spots on the porch!  I figured that they were happier that way, so I left them to their own devices.  If you want a pet crow of your own check out the Great interpretations page on my website! 


  1. LOL!! How cute!!

    I'm Lovin' that Pumpkin Head Doll!!


  2. Hi Catherine, gotta love those Crows!! Your porch looks primitively perfect!! Thanks again for a great primitive pattern......just finished making another batch......looks like I need to add some to my pumpkins!! Love how they look!! Hugs to you!! Mona

    My Old Crow Primitives

  3. I love crows , but hubby would have a fit if I put them out ..he hates them !~

  4. Oh I love it! Your blog is so nice! I got your comment on my blog about bittersweet! Hugs Casey

  5. I'm loving following your adventures in your lil cabin, Miss Kitty!

    It's time for an autumn gathering in Sandwich. Weekend after next??



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