Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New - Old Shelf

Here are some pictures of the new shelf that my son Sam made for me. It was definitely a family project. After Sam sanded it, it was my turn!  First, I painted the shelf with olde ivory paint. After it was dry, I rubbed it with beeswax anywhere I wanted it to show wear, especially the edges. Next, I painted it black all over and let it dry again. Now for the fun part! I used a heat gun to melt the wax and quickly rubbed it off with a lint free rag.  (Not the scrapbooking kind of heat gun, that would take too long!)  It takes a while to do but it is so much easier and less messy than sanding!

Mr. M added the hooks and hung the shelf!  I loved the shelf I had here before but it just wasn't functioning well for the space.  This new shelf gives me more room for decorating on top and a place to hang coats in the winter.  Not that I'm talking the old shelf down.....It could hold a lot of keys!
Don't feel bad for the old girl, she has a place reserved out in the cabin.
( The lantern lights hanging on the shelf are by Chris Mathis of Walnutridge Primitives
The milliner's head is by Norma Schneeman of Schneeman Folk Art  The black gloves left there by one of my sons?......Priceless! )


  1. I love the new looks awesome.;)

  2. Hi Cat~
    I really love the new shelf!! Thanks for sharing your method for distressing! I have used the wax many times, but never thought of the heat gun....brilliant!! That will sure save on cramped fingers and sore arms from sanding!!

    Everyone did an amazing job and what a treasure from your son!! As you said (even with the gloves)....Priceless!!

    Take care and have a Blessed Day~~

  3. Sam does beautiful work...just like his Momma (and his Dad). :) Your finish looks fabulously old, as all of yours do. Guess this means I need to get painting my shelf. Wanna come over? ;)


  4. Your new shelf looks awesome!

    I like the old one too! lol

    Very talented family indeed!

    Hugs to you you Cat,

  5. Wow. I absolutely love that new shelf! Could you make one to sell? Thanks too for sharing our tips about the beeswax. Will definitely be back to take a peek.

  6. Cat its beautiful! I think you did a fabulous job painting and antiquing that shelf. You make it sound so easy. I just might have to try doing something like that myself! I have an old, 6' tall shelf in my garage that is an ugly color. I think I can transform it with your technique. Gonna try!

    ps I love the fact you have an Etsy shop now! Good luck lady-may you do well!



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